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Our Company

Royale' Creative

A few words

We are two creative and thoughtful woodworkers. While we use tried and true traditional woodworking techniques, we also we embrace new approaches and modern machinery.

We are constantly searching for new ways of improving our products - be it through more efficient construction methods or by looking at advances in hardware that make the end product better.

We do not believe in hidden costs. You pay what we quote. And when changes or additions are made mid stream, we avoid unpleasant surprises later by discussing costs prior to proceeding.

We are not a large company and by staying small, we limit how many people are involved in building your project. Fewer hands means more control over quality.

We are flexible - bring us architectural drawings, plans done by a designer, or a sketch on a napkin. We will hone the design, produce drawings and create photo-realistic renderings of your project. These 3D renderings are invaluable design tools that provide our clients with a clear picture of their project before it is built.

We provide our clients with fine pieces of furniture and cabinetry that will endure the test of time.

To that end, we work with our clients from the outset of the design through to the delivery of the completed project. This way we can ensure complete satisfaction for our clientele.


  • Design and 3D Rendering
  • Build cabinets and furniture
  • CNC production
  • Finishing Services

"The things I make may be for others, but how I make them is for me."
                                                   - Tony Konovaloff

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