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Our Philosophy


At South Island Woodworks, we believe that by caring about what we do translates into an intangible benefit to our clientelle. We build relationships with our clients that are not based upon being buyers and sellers. We can do this, because we are small and that enables us to be more attentive and more flexible with our approach to building things. Our goal is to provide our clients with the highest quality custom pieces. We aim high, because we are craftsmen first and then we are businessmen. We love what we do!

Attention to detail means that every piece we make doesn't leave our shop unless we would bring it home ourselves. Every project, large or small, commands our attention from the onset of design to the application of finish to the delivery of the final piece. We are constantly educating ourselves, and re-educating ourselves, about new products, materials, and ways of accomplishing what we set out to do.

We believe that budget should not dictate quality. We can work within your projects budget by making smart choices about material, hardware, and design choices, as well as construction choices, all without straying from the basic principles of quality.

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