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What We Do

We keep things in house

In order to maintain our high standards of quality, we strive to build everything in house. By doing so, your project remains under our watchful eye to ensure that no corners are cut and that you get what you pay for.

There are times when using outside builders makes sense, for those times, we have a full disclosure policy; if we feel it necessary to outsource for your project, we will let you know - and explain why.

We use ecologically responsible materials

By using products that are more eco-friendly, we are also using products that are safer for you.

We do this by using products made with no-formaldehyde glues, by using low VOC and HAPS free finishes, and by choosing sustainable materials.

We encourage the use of domestically made plywoods and ecologically harvested woods. We also use high end hardware to ensure that your hinges and slides last.

Also, in making a quality product that will last, we are breaking the cycle of our "disposable" society, where low quality products have to be replaced over and over again.

We build cabinets and furniture for you, without compromise

We are custom. When we design, we design to the millimetre. When you bring us a design done by a designer, we go over it with you to ensure that things work the way you want.

Our emphasis is on quality and we deliver. We have a vested interest in maintaining our high standards... our work is our only advertising.

We know that everyone works within a budget and are able to approach each project with and eye on cost while adhering to our standard of quality.

We are custom

What is custom?

The simple answer is that custom is whatever you want!

When you visit larger shops that claim to offer "custom" products, you get choice: From a selection of predetermined styles and sizes.

When you visit us, the sky is the limit. Obscure shapes and sizes are not limiting factors. Nor are unique design elements. We will not hesitate to produce mock-ups of projects or create a sample of how the piece will be finished.The design process starts and ends with you!

Your needs and wants form the direction the design takes. Once a design has been finalized, we hand pick the materials to ensure the highest quality.


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